Change Management

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“Grit” is defined as perseverance and passion for long-term goals. Research shows it is also a predictor of success.

Entering the path towards optimised warhousing solution is starting a rewarding journey that will hold challenges and lead to change. A clear vision and defined targets help you stay on course and keep motivation high.

We are sure you and your organisation have grit. We can contribute with our experience from implementing a warehosuing solution, by offering a set of guidelines, tools, and tricks.

Browsing through these pages is time well spent. We promise.

We are on the path towards excellence through change

Implementing a warehousing solution is a big step. There will be noticeable changes compared to your current situation, and change will affect many people involved in your business. But you can prepare yourself to make this transition as smooth as possible.

  • Have you allocated the right resources to the project?
  • Have you started to discuss the change process with the people in your organization that will be affected by the project?

On these pages you will find information and useful tools for your journey to successful implementation.

Things do not change; we change.
Henry David Thoreau

It’s time to get to work

This is our “PROMISE” process model. It teaches you the main activities in the different stages, and what activities are executed by whom. We also explain the expected outcome from each stage.

You will find an estimated work effort for each stage.

Having a process model where you can go back and forth between the stages helps you stay ahead in your planning.

Done. But the work is far from over… it starts now

What happens after you’ve implemented a new warehouse management system in your organization?

The surrounding world is not static and your warehousing solution is not static software. Minor or major changes are a part of everyday life, and the system should be managed, tweaked and trimmed to support your business going forward.

We might have left the building but we are never far away. As your partner we will stay by your side. To us that is the essence of our company; Together We Get There, Strive For Greatness and Be Accountable And Act.