Astro WMS® gives you full control and efficiency at every level to keep your manufacturing operations profitable throughout the entire production cycle.

Astro WMS® lets you constantly monitor processes and improve all aspects of your business, so you produce more products with fewer resources.Every company needs traceability and full inventory control. To increase efficiencies in intralogistics, and know what’s in stock so you don’t overproduce, and know when and where goods need to be in real time.


Thanks to implementation of Astro WMS®
OTIF measure in our warehouse is on average 99.47% . 

Piotr Szyszlowski – DC Support manager, DGS

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DGS – OTIF raised to 99,47%

August 30th, 2019|Comments Off on DGS – OTIF raised to 99,47%

Although the hearing aid’s dimensions are not so big its storage is the key factor in the DGS Poland supply chain. In 2014 the company’s production site located in Mierzyn was expanded by adding an ... Read more »

WMS and LEAN helps Sanistål reduce inventory by 45%

September 21st, 2012|Comments Off on WMS and LEAN helps Sanistål reduce inventory by 45%

“I daren’t think about where we would be today if we hadn’t implemented WMS and carried out LEAN-based development of processes, management and culture,” says factory manager Claus Hjerrild at Sanistål, manufacturing supplier for the ... Read more »

Auping improves operations and increases productivity

June 15th, 2011|Comments Off on Auping improves operations and increases productivity

Bed manufacturer Auping annually provides many new customers around the world with a pleasant night’s rest. The parts for all those beds are picked, combined and dispatched from a warehouse in Deventer, the Netherlands. Since ... Read more »


We offer reliable, flexible and smart products enabling you to manage, optimize and evolve your business

Astro WMS®

Using our scalable and reliable WMS in combination with our logistics expertise your warehouse will be streamlined and future-proofed.

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Astro WCS

Fully integrated with Astro WMS®, Astro WCS has the capability of controlling automation equipment from multiple different vendors.

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We offer a wide range of hardware in Solution Approved Packages pre-set for our solutions in Production, Warehousing and Delivery/Store.

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