Black Friday, 23 November 2018, was a remarkable day for Swedish home electronics retailer, NetOnNet, as all previous sales numbers were exceeded – even before the doors were opened to a flood of shoppers – and Consafe Logistics was there to see it happen.

Black Friday is a well-known sales event that takes place the day following America’s Thanksgiving celebration, which is always the second to last Thursday of November. Over the years, the phenomenon of Black Friday has spread around the world.

One company that has fully embraced Black Friday is NetOnNet – one of Scandinavia’s leading home electronics retailers. NetOnNet is successfully managing high order numbers while simultaneously promising great deliverability and customer satisfaction, even on an event like Black Friday.

From the first hour, it was clear that new records were being registered and even more was going to be made this Black Friday,” says Susanne Holmström, CEO at NetOnNet. “Every hour thereafter, new records was registered compared with the previous year.

NetOnNet has always focused on the customer experience, using technology to make the customer journey easier, smoother and more fun. Behind this year’s Black Friday, Astro WMS® ensured that order taking, picking and packaging were executed with minimal errors.

NetOnNet has a long history of presenting unique solutions, campaigns and concepts to its customers in Sweden and Norway,” says Susanne “In addition to our low prices, we offer fast deliveries – just because it’s Black Friday that shouldn’t change.”

Warehouse control made easy

By preparing its warehouse beforehand, NetOnNet was able to break sales records on Black Friday without compromising on its customer promise.

Online sales are the backbone of NetOnNet, serving Swedish and Norwegian customers from one of over 30 warehouse shops or its central warehouse in Borås, Sweden.

In the approximately 25,000 m2 Borås warehouse, Astro WMS® helps NetOnNet manage nearly seven thousand items (stock keeping units, SKUs) at any given time.

Black Friday can be a logistic nightmare with very high demands in a very short period,” says Stefan Svensson, Logistics Manager for NetOnNet. “It’s also one of the best days of the year, because we get the chance to challenge ourselves, improving, renewing and finetuning our processes.”

NoN Stefan Svensson Logistikchef

Stefan Svensson, Logistics Manager for NetOnNet

This year’s preparations and setup of the warehouse system was extremely successful. Astro WMS® helped NetOnNet minimize the administrative workload while providing excellent control of the massive order placement and picking volumes.

The result generated increased customer satisfaction, delivering orders to many customers already by Black Friday evening and thousands of parcels by Sunday.

By 08:00, our warehouse colleagues had already picked nearly twice as many products as previous Black Friday,” says  Stefan. “Many customers got their orders during the day, because they chose to retrieve their order in their selected warehouse shop where the goods were prepacked and ready-for-pickup before our warehouse shops were opened.”

Why Astro WMS®?

In 2012, NetOnNet decided on Astro WMS® from Consafe Logistics, because it recognized the importance of a robust solution that would provide the versatility it needed, but could also grow to satisfy future needs.

Benefits of Astro WMS®:

FLEXIBLE – extensive configurable and standard features and functions

SCALABLE – modular system allows up and down scaling

FUTURE PROOF – system updates release biannually

REAL-TIME – warehouse control and transparency as it happens

Beyond Black Friday

As of April 2018, NetOnNet has increased their delivery services with a new choice of home deliveries through its partnership with Best Transport. This partnership means that same day distribution is possible to the majority of Swedish consumers.

Customers also have the option to choose a home delivery date up to five days in advance at the time of order. Whatever the customer choses, Astro WMS® helps NetOnNet ensure that the order is picked, packed and ready for shipment.

NetOnNet intends to expand its use of Astro WMS®. With the implementation of a new ERP system, that was implemented 2017, the modularity of Astro WMS® will be key to improving order handling and delivery, as well as fulfilling its customer promise of low prices and speedy deliveries.

About NetOnNet

NetOnNet logoDirectly from the warehouse shelf

Since 1999, NetOnNet is selling home electronics from both its own brands along with well-known brands directly from the warehouse shelves. Focus is to
simplify everything possible, offering home electronics cheaper than other retailers.

NetOnNet is based on a unique self-service concept. Customers choose NetOnNet, not only because of the low prices, but also because the shopping experience is easier, more transparent and customer-focused. By doing this NetOnNet creates added value and builds strong customer relationships.

NetOnNet sells to consumers and companies through e-commerce and over 30 warehouses in Sweden and Norway. The head office is located in Borås, Sweden.