Utrecht, 15.03.2018

Consafe Logistics today announced the latest software upgrade of Astro WMS®, its market-leading Warehouse Management System used by warehouses and distribution centres worldwide. New features include Trolley functionality, upgraded X2 Mobile client and an OpDoc tool for labelling, documenting and reporting.

Astro WMS® already offers a profitable way to master warehouse challenges – with a rich standard functionality, flexibility and scalable approach that delivers fast ROI and a low total cost of ownership. The latest Q1 2018 release, developed in partnership with users, adds functionality and improves the UX to further streamline warehouse operations. The three new standard features in Astro WMS® are:

    • Trolley functionality
      A trolley is a movable rack with several small compartments. It’s the easy way to relieve pressure on pickers, improve flows and save money given the trend towards smaller order sizes and more frequent returns.
      Astro WMS® now helps users integrate trolley functionality to boost efficiency and ergonomics across goods receiving, put-away, picking and packing. The function is highly configurable and provides operational data around availability, utilization levels and more.
    • X2 mobile client
      This new mobile client is designed specifically for handheld devices with small screens. It’s optimized with workflow-driven and streamlined processes, making it easy to achieve productivity gains across picking, moving and dispatch functions. In this first release the most frequently used processes are included but the number of supported process will increase in coming releases.
      X2 is available for Windows and Android devices. It’s cost-effective for fast ROI, and features an intuitive interface and durable construction.
    • OpDoc tool for label, document and report production
      This new standard tool integrates the process of creating, designing and printing all the labels, documentation and reports every warehouse needs, for instance a pallet label, delivery note or availability report.
      Simply set the required triggers to automated, scheduled or manual, and get exactly what you need as a physical print-out, saved file or email. It’s highly flexible, with support for geographical components like images, fonts and QR codes. Plus, it delivers time and financial savings by bringing so many requirements into a single, user-friendly tool.
Patrik Olsson, Chief Product Officer at Consafe Logistics

Patrik Olsson,
Chief Product Officer at Consafe Logistics

Patrik Olsson, Chief Product Officer at Consafe Logistics, said: “Astro WMS® has long been the solution of choice for European companies that want to make speed and quality of their logistics their competitive advantage. It’s designed to be scalable and modular to meet the different challenges our customers face. These updates, developed together with our users, and from their feedback, offer new ways for warehouses and distribution centres to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced market.


This release was announced at the Consafe Logistics Superuser Event in Utrecht, which brought together technical, operational and business representatives from major European companies that use Astro WMS®. Delegates discussed future trends and new ways to increase productivity and profitability across the supply chain using Astro WMS®.