Delivery notes are an essential piece of the distribution puzzle, and it’s crucial for customers to be able to access the information they contain wherever and whenever they need to. For OneMed, one of Europe’s leading medical supply distributors, this meant investing in a new, digital solution, and Consafe Logistics was able to offer exactly what was needed.

When it comes to distribution, providing accessible, up-to-date information is key to customer satisfaction. Delivery notes are a key factor in this, as they keep the recipients informed as to what has been shipped and what is still outstanding. For OneMed, providing these delivery notes was a challenge, as different internal systems produced different formats. In addition, the note itself would only be in one box or pallet even if the customer was receiving several, which could cause confusion and uncertainty.

OneMed was already working with Consafe Logistics, us­ing Astro WMS® to manage its biggest warehouses in Eu­rope, and after some consideration, decided to upgrade its functionality to include OpDoc.

“We have a complex assortment of stock,” says Peter Nilsson, VP of Supply Chain for OneMed. “We have 15-20,000 individual SKUs, as well as 5 or 6 different pick zones in a warehouse which range from clean rooms to automated picked boxes with a mix of different products.” Astro WMS® helps us handle all of this, as well as facilitating communication with the automated equipment, which has its own system. We use it in our largest warehouses, in Sweden and Norway, and we’re now implementing Astro in two more warehouses in Sweden and Denmark, so it made sense to work with Consafe Logistics OpDoc solution for producing better delivery notes.”

Peter Nilsson VP of Supply Chain for OneMed


With customers all over Europe ordering significant quan­tities of medical supplies and equipment, it’s crucial that OneMed can provide them with accurate information when­ever they may need it. Prior to implementing OpDoc, deliv­ery notes were placed in boxes and if customers needed to see them digitally, it involved manual scans and emails. Now, everything is running in a smoother, more modern way.

“Customers will often get 5 or 6 parcels, and they’re all from different zones in our warehouse like cold rooms or clean room environments,” explains Peter. “The problem was the delivery note would be in one box, often the last, so the customer wouldn’t have a delivery note with the first box. “With OpDoc the delivery note is produced automatically and sent digitally, so we save time and we don’t have to identify the box with the delivery note. This makes life easier for the customer as well.”

As the delivery notes are now sent automatically, they also let customers know that the order has been processed and shipped. They also contain important information in case of back orders, and show any stock that will be sent from an­other OneMed DC or sent separately, so to have this acces­sible at any time is a major benefit for customers.

“As we deal with medical supplies, privacy is also important,” adds Peter. “With paper notes, there was always a chance that confidential information could be seen by anyone. When it’s digital through OpDoc, the customer benefits from guaranteed privacy.”


One challenge for OneMed, prior to implementing OpDoc, was the fact that different ERPs and different platforms would produce different styles of delivery notes. This incon­sistency could lead to these important documents being more difficult to read and keep track of, and OpDoc solves this problem.

“For us, it was important to make sure all delivery notes are identical and 100% electronic, regardless of the ERP solution attached,” says Peter. “With OpDoc, everything is identical whether it’s printed or digital, and it’s totally consistent and easily customisable. We’re also interfacing OpDoc with a new tool called OneMed Visibility, where we can share all details on any order for the customer to access at any time.”

Consistency is not the only benefit of OpDoc, as it improves the customer experience and also saves time for OneMed staff. The fact that this is achieved through a straightforward upgrade to the existing Astro WMS® solution suggests a bright future for the partnership between Consafe Logistics and OneMed.

“Our ambition is to go 100% digital,” concludes Peter. “It saves time, it’s better for the environment and it’s better for the customer as well. The OpDoc solution is simple but it helps solve problems, and helps us move towards this ambition. It’s a nice and modern system, and it’s intuitive for the user.”


OneMed provides services, support systems and medi­cal supplies to healthcare providers across Europe. We are more than just a supplier – we serve as a partner to our customers. For us, being a partner means that we adopt the same goals as our customers and always strive for mutual success.