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The Delta Trans Group is one of the largest logistics operators in Poland. The Group's customer portfolio is impressive - it includes over 100 companies that have entrusted Delta Trans with responsibility for their warehousing and distribution operations. To speed up logistics processes and thus save time, in 2019, the company decided to implement a new management system in its warehouses - Astro WMS® from Consafe Logistics. 


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Decrease in the nr of complaints 

The Challenge

Delta Trans faced a significant challenge in efficiently onboarding customers. Before implementing the new WMS, when a customer showed interest in their solution, the process involved calculating the cost of adding new operations to the system. This procedure demanded cooperation with the system provider, resulting in a time-consuming delay for customers awaiting the final offer. 


Another area in need of speeding up was the warehouse operations. For instance: 

  • Setting up one location in the old system took about 2 minutes in an environment where thousands of dynamically changing locations of various types occurred.  
  • The goods-receiving process was also lengthy and resulted in numerous errors. 
  • There were instances where container shipments from China required an extensive 8 hours of effort from a single warehouse employee. Furthermore, entering them into the system was a time-consuming task, leading to a high number of errors. 


The company needed a solution that would help organize work in the warehouse, save time, and, as a result, improve Delta Trans’ competitiveness. 



In 2019, Delta Trans implemented Consafe Logistics’ Astro WMS® in its warehouses. Since then, onboarding new customers and preparing offers has become faster and more independent. The system allows for quickly adding new 3PL customers, reducing configuration time by 40%. WMS superusers gain qualifications to work independently. Consequently, the concern over IT costs in the offers to new customers has transformed from a limitation into a competitive advantage for the Silesian operator. 

Another significant change was the acceleration of warehouse operations, resulting in more efficient and streamlined processes. For instance, container deliveries are now handled by three warehouse keepers simultaneously, reducing the time required by 60%. Furthermore, the system enables the collective addition of photos for articles and packaging, enhancing confidence in correct stock placement and minimizing errors during subsequent picking. 

Astro WMS® also coped with optimizing the execution time of the processes. It was a critical condition for Delta Trans, as global giants among its customers require the goods to be delivered to a specific place on the production line within 2 hours. The company managed the significant "lead time" effectively with the new WMS and the help of Consafe Logistics experts. 

Nine months after the implementation of Astro WMS®, Delta Trans has realized the following benefits:  

  • Faster and easier onboarding of new customers. 

  • A 70% reduction in report preparation time. 

  • Accelerated goods receipt processes by 35%. 

  • Real-time updates on warehouse occupancy.

  • The Transport module, eliminating possible downtime and delays. 


About Delta Trans

Delta Trans is one of the leading logistics operators in Poland. It has seven branches located in the south and west of the country. In the logistics center in Świętochłowice, it has over 125,000 sqm of modern warehouse space and production halls. The company provides support and management of such processes as: sorting and repacking, palletizing, co-packing, order picking, labeling and many others. In addition to the basic logistics activity, Delta Trans also provides production services, including the design and production of transport containers and steel structures, as well as co-manufacturing services. 

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