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Customer story


Elektroskandia Norway, part of the Rexel Group, is dedicated to serving customers all over Norway with the best products and solutions. Since 2006, the electrical goods wholesaler has been using Consafe Logistics´ warehouse management system, Astro WMS®. In 2017, the company moved to a new warehouse and wanted to ensure using the purpose-built premises in the best way possible. Therefore, they asked Consafe Logistics to evaluate all their logistics processes. Thanks to the shared knowledge and effective teamwork, combined with new investments in the machine park, Elektroskandia could improve the overall efficiency of its new distribution center. 


When serving the needs of customers all over a country as vast as Norway, a robust and reliable logistics solution is essential. For a long time, Elektroskandia was using an old building that had been converted into a warehouse. Stock was kept in three different places: the main building, a basement, and a permanent tent structure. This setup was functional for a while, but as the business grew, it was clear that Elektroskandia needed a more suitable warehouse. As a result, the company moved into a modern, purpose-built distribution center (DC) in 2017.  

Since Elektroskandia´s logistics operation is what really separates the company from the competition, they wanted to have a fresh look at warehouse processes to work even more efficiently in the future. They asked Consafe Logistics to conduct a thorough evaluation, and 

  • Challenge existing processes 

  • Suggest improvements 

  • Explore how the Astro WMS® setup could be better utilized 



Elektroskandia asked Consafe Logistics to provide a DC walkthrough in the new warehouse, during which our team executed a full analysis and suggested potential areas for improvement. These areas ranged from optimizing the picking area to how various aspects of the warehouse were set up in the WMS. Based on the analysis, Elektroskandia implemented changes, and the business began to feel the benefits, which included: 

  • An 18.5% improvement in the year-on-year figures in the forklift picking area due to investment in new forklifts, altered frequency settings, and other adjustments. 

  • A drop in the average number of relocations from buffer to the pick-up site from 145 to 67 per week. 

  • Elevated customer experience due to reducing non-value-creating work and reallocating these resources to picking. 

As Elektroskandia and Consafe Logistics have worked together to maximize the potential of the new distribution center, the partnership has only grown stronger. The company also appreciates Consafe Logistics´ practical knowledge and digital expertise. 

About Elektroskandia

E-commerce and tailored solutions are some of the reasons why electricians, power plants, and industry and offshore companies partner with Elektroskandia Norge AS. Elektroskandia Norge AS is one of Norway’s largest wholesalers in the trade electrical distribution market, with 13 locations and 300 employees. Their annual turnover of 2.4 billion NOK shows that their logistics solutions are a success and are helping their customers become more efficient. Elektroskandia Norge AS is owned by the French company Rexel, the world’s largest distributor of electrical products and services, with companies in 35 countries. 

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