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Customer story


Hub Logistics Oy is a mid-size provider of logistics outsourcing and 3PL warehousing in Finland and Poland. For the last 30 years they have been known by their customers to be reliable, trustworthy, and most of all innovative, which makes the right digital platform crucially important. With Astro WMS® they have found their perfect match – and improved warehouse picking efficiency.


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Over the years Hub Logistics have developed their operations from logistics consultancy to services in outsourcing of internal logistics and warehousing. Today Hub Logistics run 4 warehouses in Finland and Poland, automated and manual, as well as operates in several customer locations. As their warehousing operations grew and new 3PL customers were onboarded Hub Logistics needed a new warehouse management solution that would better support their operations and strengthen their customers’ business. Among their demands for the new WMS was:

  • Ability to integrate with their automation solution
  • More advanced functionality
  • Easy to develop and adapt to their different customers’ needs and systems
  • Faster in implementation than current partner



After much consideration, the choice fell on Consafe Logistics, and in 2017 Hub Logistics implemented Astro WMS® across their warehouses, in only 12 weeks. According to Hub Logistics the biggest advantage with the new system is that more customers and product groups can be added using standard features, instead of needing specific development, making customer onboarding as fast as only a few hours. This means faster and more cost-efficient growth and development of their business. Today Hub Logistics processes 7 000 to 11 000 order lines per day using Astro WMS®, and the new system has also brought benefits such as:

  • More efficient picking and packing

  • 99,96% order delivery accuracy

  • Works well not only in warehousing, but in internal logistics as well

  • Easy and flexible integration with warehouse automation

At the moment Hub Logistics is looking into further optimizing their operations with AI-run Astro WMS® modules such as Pick Route Optimization and Smart Box Calculation. They see a need to adapt their business to a higher degree of smaller e-commerce customer and see Astro WMS® as scalable and flexible enough to drive the innovative company Hub Logistics is known to be.

About Hub Logistics

Hub Logistics Oy was founded in 1992 and was one of the first Finnish providers of quality consultancy services in logistics development. Today Hub Logistics have almost 500 employees at 15 locations in Finland and Poland. The company offers internal logistics outsourcing, 3PL warehousing in 4 automated and manual warehouses, and logistics consulting, all with the mission to develop their customers’ business with new service innovations.

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