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We are the leading European suppliers of software and hardware products for warehousing. Products that define, evolve and future-proof your warehouse and surroundings to give you a competitive edge through being more efficient, reliable and smart.

When setting up your warehouse(s), it’s best to take a holistic approach. You need to focus on finding the right solutions – software and hardware – for your current warehouse processes and, at the same time, anticipate your future requirements.

The simplest way to secure success is by using solutions that are easy to integrate and upgrade, and equipment agnostic – independent of whether a warehouse is manual, semi- and/or fully automated.

When you partner with us, you receive fully integrated solutions backed by industry leading service and support.

We offer.

Astro WMS®

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Astro WCS®

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Looking for references?

More than 500 customers globally have successfully optimized their warehouse operations using our solutions.


Astro WMS® SaaS – at your service.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get all the power of Astro WMS®, but with less hassle for your IT-department? With our cloud-based solution for Software as a Service (SaaS) we provide both a single tenant and multitenant service for servers, databases, and code, where we take the responsibility and you get all the advantages. Such as faster ROI, more flexibility, and more time for strategic IT-work.

With lower start-up costs, continuous upgrades and dynamic scalability, you can also be sure that you have the ideal solution for your needs at all times.

An illustration of what a software as a solution means

Implementation – your way.

Not only is Astro WMS® flexible and scalable in its design, we also offer different implementation methods, to suit your needs and budget. Because Astro WMS® is all about making the most of your business, whatever it is. Customer specific, Express or Hub – the choice is yours.

Astro WMS® Express

The fast track to warehouse management.

Our Astro WMS® Express implementation is developed for warehouses with standardized processes and limited use of goods handling automation. With our logistics expertise, we have created a standardized packaged system set-up based on best practices for your type of warehouse.

Within 60 days from contract signing and less than 300 hours implementation you will be up and running, being more efficient and in full control.

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Astro WMS® Hub

Empower your
warehouse hubs.

Astro WMS® Hub is tailor made for customers with a central Astro-run warehouse in combination with smaller warehouse hubs in other locations. It is a fast and cost-efficient implementation, yet gives you the benefits of a full scale uniform WMS through all your warehouses. For a very attractive price.

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Growing with you.

The nature of business is dynamic, and your business will undoubtedly go through many changes. Thankfully, your Consafe Logistics solutions easily adapt to these changes as well, often proactively.
One example is our Astro WMS® which receives upgrades – twice yearly – based on customer collaborations and experiences. These upgrades regularly include add-on modules that bring new functionality and efficiency to warehouse logistics.