WMS is the brain of your warehouse.

Retail, wholesale, manufacturing or 3PL… no matter what your business is your warehouse is packed full with activities. People picking, forklifts driving, boxes being placed on shelves, and deliveries being made. And to optimize the warehouse operations you need warehouse management to handle the What, When, and Where of it all. A Warehouse Management System (WMS) makes it possible to optimize replenishment and pick rounds, reduce picking errors, and keep constant real time track of performance. The WMS will help you meet the challenges of today in areas such as:

• Tracking and notification
• Prioritization and organization of storing and picking
• Need for increased automation
• Interaction with other systems

To put it simple, having a WMS as the brain of your warehouse prevents you from losing money. On things such as driving around empty forklifts, sending air, and picking errors resulting in customer returns.

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AI Logistics.

The WMS brain of your warehouse has just become even smarter. With our AI functionality the system uses information on previous activities to let your warehouse operations evolve alongside your business. Smart box calculation is added as standard feature and a new add on module lets you organize your stock according to previous purchase patterns. All in all, it will make your WMS save even more money. And we promise, this is only the beginning.


SaaS – at your service

Wouldn’t it be nice to get all the power of Astro WMS®, but with less hassle for your IT-department? With our cloud-based solution for Software as a Service (SaaS) we provide both a single tenant and multitenant service for servers, databases, and code, where we take the responsibility and you get all the advantages. Such as faster ROI, more flexibility, and more time for strategic IT-work.


40 years of curiosity and collaboration.

All processes are based on a non-reserving logic, meaning the system prioritizes the most important order at any given moment. Performance management functionality makes sure you have control of your most critical transport, and you can take action to avoid delays. You also get smart functionality for pick route optimization, slotting, replenishment, multi order picking etc. to make picking and put away processes as efficient as possible.

Today, Astro WMS® is one of the world’s leading WMS solutions, with over 40 years in the making. With constant technical curiosity and in close cooperation with our customers we have developed a warehouse management system built to support your changing needs.

No matter whether your warehouse is mostly manual or automated Astro WMS® keeps stock levels and makes location selections for all goods, getting optimal control, visibility and flexibility in your entire operations. And giving you the freedom to choose automation equipment from any supplier.

All in all, Astro WMS® is designed for optimal flexibility and scalability. However your business grows and evolves, Astro WMS® will change with it.

Implementation – your way.

Not only is Astro WMS® flexible and scalable in its design, we also offer different implementation methods, to suit your needs and budget. Because Astro WMS® is all about making the most of your business, whatever it is. Customer specific, Express or Hub – the choice is yours.

Astro WMS® Express

The fast track to warehouse management.

Our Astro WMS® Express implementation is developed for warehouses with standardized processes and limited use of goods handling automation. With our logistics expertise, we have created a standardized packaged system set-up based on best practices for your type of warehouse.

Within 60 days from contract signing and less than 300 hours implementation you will be up and running, being more efficient and in full control.

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Astro WMS® Hub

Empower your
warehouse hubs.

Astro WMS® Hub is tailor made for customers with a central Astro-run warehouse in combination with smaller warehouse hubs in other locations. It is a fast and cost-efficient implementation, yet gives you the benefits of a full scale uniform WMS through all your warehouses. For a very attractive price.

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Want to automate?

Our WCS increases efficiency in warehouses, helping you gain total control over performance, use real-time forecasts and ensure full traceability. It also makes introduction of automated processes seamless and easy, offering complete flexibility and opportunities for expansion.

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Consafe Logistics Academy – The e-learning platform tailored to your needs

What is the secret of a smooth system implementation? Proper training for your employees. And that is where Consafe Logistics Academy helps. Our flexible e-learning platform provides you with on-demand training opportunities, a quicker onboarding process, cost-effectiveness, and continuous access to learning materials.


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