The easy way to add value to your WMS.

The world of logistics is in constant change. Who knows what direction your market will take or how your business will evolve? That’s why you need a WMS that is adopted to your needs today, and will change with you tomorrow. Our wide offer of add-on modules makes it easy to get a flexible, tailor-made system. Our add-on modules make sure you never pay for functionality you don’t need.

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Add-on modules
for your every need.

Our offer in add-on modules include solutions for industry-specific needs, automation, value adding services, integration with other systems, and much more. This gives you the benefits of more functionality within the same system, with one supplier. Even for processes not traditionally included in a WMS solution.

New technologies. We are constantly searching for the latest technologies, and turning them into functionality to improve our customers’ business. Using Artificial Intelligence for smart box calculation, and 3D visualization technology from computer games are only two examples. Through our add-on modules our customers get to be a part of our development process. And what’s add-on today might be standard tomorrow.

Industry-specific needs. “One solution fits all” is definitely not a truth in logistics. We work in close cooperation with customers in a wide range of industries to develop add-on modules for industry-specific needs. Such as e-commerce, handling of dangerous goods, and kitting for example.

Ways of working. No matter how your warehouse processes evolve, Astro WMS®️ will be there to support you. From automation and voice picking solutions to integrations in the supply chain and different ways of visualizing and sharing information.

Astro WMS® – at the core of warehouse management.

Astro WMS® is a modular warehouse management system, designed for ultimate flexibility and scalability. The core of the system, based on 40 years of experience, gives you all the basic functionality you need to improve efficiency in standard operations.

Together with our library of add-on modules and customer-specific adaptations you are guaranteed to get a system suited for your needs, whatever they are. New releases twice a year makes sure you are always up to date with improved standard functionality and new add-on modules based on the latest technology. In other words, Astro WMS® is a system that will change when you change. And a system where the choice is yours.

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Our Add-on modules.


Automation in logistics used to be about reducing labor costs and saving warehouse space. Today warehouse automation is all about helping companies meet demands for ever-shorter lead times and turn logistics into a competitive advantage.

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Our solution makes handling of dangerous goods just as easy as any other product, thus saving time and costs in the warehouse.

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Walk around in your warehouse without leaving the office, following every movement in real-time 3D. And simulate alternative lay-outs and processes, in virtual reality.

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A solution for effective design of the labels, documents and reports that you need for your business. Take charge of adapting needed printouts yourself when required with this easy to use tool.

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Clear and visual overview in real-time keeps you on top of the game. Bring all the information warehouse and logistics managers need directly to their fingertips.

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With our AI solution you can revolutionize the way you organize your warehouse. This cuts down on the picking time, and reduces the amount of work required within the warehouse.

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Our “Pick route opimization” uses AI-technology to minimize distance in pick routes, saving hundreds of kilometers of truck driving.

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Slotting is the process of analysing and adjusting the right placement of goods in the warehouse based on picking frequency. Benefits from slotting are higher pick efficiency, reduced labour costs, lower storage footprint and improved throughput.

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Get full visibility of your packages, all the way to complete delivery. Our tool for supply chain visibility lets you take control over customer delivery communication, for a superior post purchase experience.

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A scalable monitoring system that helps you detect and respond to warnings and incidents in and around Astro WMS®. Avoid costly monitoring of the server, operation system, database and application. Supports adding customized checks according to your business needs.

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The vast majority of Transport Management Systems (TMS) on the market are cloud-based solutions using Web Services. Astro WMS® has a standard interface and predefined integrations to TMS web services for almost all leading TMS vendors.


The size of pick orders and received goods are getting smaller, especially for warehouses that handle web orders and returns. We developed a Trolley functionality that supports efficient handling of small order quantities in and out of the warehouse.

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Differentiating from competition is important in today’s transparent, competitive business environment. People want to customize their purchases, from wrapping gifts to personalising a garment or adding a thank you note. These Value Added Services can be provided in both inbound and outbound flows.


Voice controlled systems enable workers to move freely around the plant or warehouse, guiding the operator on where to go and what to do. The system keeps full control of the tasks performed as operators communicate with the system confirming the assignments they perform during the day.

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Monitor the current work situation in the warehouse and allocate your resources efficiently with this easy tool. Reduce administration and complexity with more effective planning.

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Optimize your yard with a YMS. Keep track of all data; drivers, truck license plates and all movements.

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