We have all heard the buzz words; SaaS solution, cloud computing, Web client software. But what is SaaS really? And how can running your Astro WMS® with a cloud-based SaaS solution benefit your business? In short, the answer is; by giving you all the power of Astro WMS®, but with much less hassle for your IT-department.

What is SaaS, and why should I go for it?

To describe it simply, Software as a Service (SaaS) is a way to distribute software, without the customer having to install the whole infrastructure to run it. With SaaS the software provider, e g Consafe Logistics, provides servers, databases, and code, which the users then access on their connected devices, via Internet.

Choosing SaaS for your WMS solution reduces the need for investment in internal IT infrastructure. It’s also a strategic advantage, as your IT department can spend more of its time and competences on actual value-creating IT tasks, without spending valuable resources on standard commodity solutions and routine maintenance.



SaaS your way, that’s our way.

The Astro WMS®️ SaaS delivery model is based both on a single tenant and multitenant solution. This gives you the benefits of a shared cloud-solution, but with a secure, customized set-up tailored for your unique business needs. With our SaaS solution we offer our customers:

• A virtual network for each customer, isolated from all other customers
• The possibility of unique multisite setup for each customer
• One point of contact for both software, operation services and hosting
• Very high guaranteed availability on servers
• Hot or cold standby on servers based on business needs
• Infrastructure support 24/7/365
• Choose between our two partners; leading cloud services providers Amazon Web Services and Azure

Of course, you can also use your own choice of cloud service provider to run Astro WMS® from, if that is a solution you prefer. Because your way is our way.

Less investment, less hassle.

Using SaaS to run your warehouse management system has much the same advantages as leasing a car. You get same speed and power, but a lower initial investment, less hassle, and more flexibility. And when it comes to SaaS we can add high security, guaranteed uptime and less need for internal IT-resources to the benefits.

In short, you can focus on your business, and let us handle your IT infrastructure. Because we happen to like it.

Illustration of the Product Sheet of Saas looks like

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Robust and flexible warehouse management system maximizes warehouse profitability – tells you what, when and where.


By adding Astro WCS® to the WMS, you control advanced automation installations, such as the flow of goods in and out.


Bring new functionality to your WMS and WCS, satisfying your specific warehousing and/or industry needs.