2023 Trend Report 


4 supply chain trends shaping the warehouse of tomorrow 

While global supply chains are still recovering from the pandemic, 2022 has brought new shocks, such as rising energy prices, the war in Europe, an economic recession, and increasing pressure to meet sustainability targets. It seems that in supply chains, disruptions are the new normal. So, what comes next for the industry? And what is on the horizon for warehouse management? 

This report discusses 4 supply chain trends that we believe will greatly impact warehouse operations. We answer questions such as how the industry will cope with current threats and draw conclusions for warehouse management. In addition, we leverage our broad logistics expertise to help you prepare for what’s coming and share insights on what the future holds for warehousing. 


In this trend report you will learn:

  • 4 key trends that will, or already have an impact on warehouse management 
  • What factors are driving the trends to understand their scale and scope better 
  • How a warehouse management system can prepare you for the future challenges 


Enjoy your reading!


trend report


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