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5 things to consider before starting a warehouse automation project

The must-attend webinar before starting a warehouse automation project.

Did you know that the e-commerce, food and beverage and logistics industries are most willing to invest in more automation? Between 2021 until 2026, The Global Warehouse Automation Market is expected to have a growth rate of approximately 12.5%! So, we increase our investments in warehouse automation, but how to be successful when it comes to your automation project?

With years of experience working with companies’ automation projects in different industries, we have gathered an extensive library of interesting stories and learnings. We want to share this with you and have identified five things to think about when initiating an automation project, into a 30-minute webinar.


In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • Important steps to think about when automating your warehouse

  • How to avoid pitfalls in order to accomplish a successful project
  • Get insights and learnings from our customers

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Former CIO at CB

Ronald Janssen

CB Logistics (CB)

After 21 years at CB Ronald left the CIO position on the 1st of February 2022. Currently he is managing consultant at Nadullent Consultancy BV. Ronald has a strong experience in supply chain automation and focuses on constantly professionalizing IT services, on aligning business and IT and on helping the business innovate and grow through its use of information and technology.

Company profile – CB Logistics (CB)

CB, based in Culemborg in the Netherlands, is a leading logistic services company in the Netherlands and Belgium. With a history of over 150 years, CB focusses on supply chain optimization in Media and Healthcare. Their services consist of logistics, e-fulfilment, digital distribution and financial and information services. With over 800 employees CB is market leader in Media logistics and growing strongly in the Healthcare market, servicing thousands of companies. CB holds over 100.000 articles on stock and distributes more than 70 million items annually.

Automation Expert

Claes Jönsson

Consafe Logistics

Consafe Logistics automation expert will give you guidance about warehouse automation projects and will also share customer examples within multiple industries.