Webinar Recording

AI & Robotics: Shaping the Future of Warehousing 

Duration: 45 min

Are robots and AI poised to take over warehouse jobs, or can humans and machines become the ultimate dream team? Join us in our upcoming webinar as we explore these and related highly current questions and uncover the future of warehousing. Discover the essential need for new competencies in and around the warehouse, as well as the potential of more intelligent AI-based software for a sustainable future. 

Our guest speaker, Danica Kragic Jensfelt, one of the world's leading robotic researchers, will share exciting insights from scientific findings. She will be joined by Kent Olsson, CEO of Consafe Logistics, who will provide a practical perspective on AI and automation trends in warehouses. Stefan Karlöf from our Swedish media partner, Supply Chain Effect, will moderate the session. 


In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn and get more knowledge and inspiration about:

  • The future of warehousing with AI and robotics  

  • The right balance between robots & humans 
  • How to be more profitable and sustainable in the warehouse with these new technologies 

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Danica Kragic Jensfelt

Professor of computer science and communication

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Danica conducts research in robotics and computer science. Her research is supported by the EU and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. Danica also serves on the boards of H&M, Saab, and FAM, which is the holding company for the Wallenberg Foundations.  

Kent Olsson


Consafe Logistics

Kent Olsson is the Chief Executive Officer of Consafe Logistics. Kent has a solid engineering background and a strong drive for value creation and building sustainable companies with a strong company culture. He has experience from multiple top-level General Manager roles and R&D positions in larger international software and technology companies, e.g., Ericsson and ST-Ericsson, as well as from being a board member in SaaS start-up and scale-up companies.     


Stefan Karlöf

Editor in Chief

Supply Chain Effect

Stefan Karlöf is Editor in Chief of Supply Chain Effect, the most influential business magazine within supply chain management in Scandinavia. He is also a renowned expert, consultant and regular commentator on supply chain management and logistics, and a frequent moderator at business conferences and forum.