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Consafe Logistics Launches New Website.

As technology revolutionizes communication, companies must adapt to new ways of content consumption to keep their audiences engaged. To this end, Consafe Logistics, a leading warehouse software development company in Europe, recently launched its new corporate website. 

Following a complete visual and structural makeover, the new site offers a modern user experience with an improved menu bar, easy navigation, and a clean and dynamic design. As a strategic decision, Consafe Logistics will focus on developing content in English to ensure a fast flow of information and consistency across its six European markets. 

louise lindell digital marketing manager at Consafe Logistics Group
Louise Lindell, Digital Marketing Manager 

"Our target audiences work in an increasingly complex supply chain environment, facing constant disruptions. We wanted to share with them our knowledge and over 40 years of experience in warehouse management in a quick and accessible way – the new website serves this purpose. We are consciously building it as a knowledge hub, adding various educational materials, in-depth analysis, and expert insight. The launch was the first phase; we will now focus on nurturing and enriching the content to keep it relevant for visitors," says Louise Lindell, Digital Marketing Manager at Consafe Logistics, who is responsible for the project. 

As the company is on an extensive growth path, recruitment is another area where the website plays a vital role.

"Our Careers page has a high number of visits. We made significant updates to both the copy and the layout to make it easy for job seekers to apply for our open positions and to showcase what our employees experience: a great workplace with unique company culture and a fantastic community," adds Lindell. 


Kent Olsson, CEO

"Our goal is to become the number one go-to supply chain technology partner in Europe by 2028. The new website is an important milestone on this journey. I am confident it will strengthen our relationships with our existing customers, forge new ones, and bring more talent to the company," says Kent Olsson, CEO of Consafe Logistics. 


About Consafe Logistics

Consafe Logistics is a software development company. We design products and technologies that make warehouse operations of logistics and supply chain companies smarter, more effective, and thus more sustainable. The Consafe Logistics Group has 450+ employees who support our global clients from six European countries - Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and Sweden. Our headquarters is located in Lund, Sweden.

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