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Customer story


In distribution, delivery notes are critical to providing customers with accessible, up-to-date information. Perhaps even more critical when it comes to medical supplies. To improve the quality of these notes, OneMed, one of Europe's leading medical supply distributors, invested in upgrading its warehouse management system with Consafe Logistics' new digital solution, OpDoc. 


Customers across Europe order significant amounts of medical supplies and equipment from OneMed. The company has 15-20,000 individual SKUs, as well as five or six different pick zones in a warehouse which range from clean rooms to automated picked boxes with a mix of different products. A key factor in their customers' satisfaction is the quality of the delivery notes they receive at the distribution stage. OneMed had the following challenges with its former delivery notes: 

  • Inefficient system  

    Delivery notes were placed in boxes, and when customers needed to see them digitally, it involved manual scans and emails. 

  • Complicated access
    In case of multiple parcels, the delivery note would be in one box, often the last, so the customer wouldn’t have a delivery note with the first box.  

  • Privacy concerns 

    Because of the printed paper notes, there was always a chance that confidential information could be seen by anyone. 

  • Design inconsistency 

    Different ERPs and platforms would produce different styles of delivery notes, which could lead to difficulties in reading and keeping track of them.  



OneMed had already used  Consafe Logistics' WMS solution, Astro WMS®, to manage its largest European warehouses. After some consideration, the company decided to upgrade this software and add the OpDoc functionality. Top benefits of the solution:  

  • Simple access to delivery information 

    Delivery notes are sent automatically to inform customers that their order has been processed and delivered. The documents also contain important information in case of back orders and indicate whether the stock will be sent from another OneMed distribution center or sent separately. Accessing these data at any time is a major benefit for customers. 

  • Strengthened privacy 

    As the delivery notes are now digital with OpDoc, it ensures the privacy of confidential information.  

  • Consistency  

    OpDoc guarantees that all delivery notes are identical, easily customizable, and 100% electronic, regardless of the ERP solution. 

About OneMed

OneMed provides services, support systems and medical supplies to healthcare providers across Europe. We are more than just a supplier – we serve as a partner to our customers. For us, being a partner means that we adopt the same goals as our customers and always strive for mutual success.

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