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Interview with young professionals from Consafe Logistics 

Today’s young professionals are the future leaders of the supply chain industry. Companies must acknowledge their potential and provide them with opportunities for growth and development. But what do they value in a workplace?  

We recently sat down with Jake O’Donnell and Johan Knutsson – young professionals working at Consafe Logistics, to learn more about their perspectives and what advice they would give to other young talents who are just starting out in their careers.  

Jake has been working as a Developer at one of the divisions in our Lund office since February 2022. Johan joined Consafe Logistics in August 2021 as an Application Consultant. In April 2023, he was promoted to Project Manager.  

johan, jake from consafe logisticsJohan and Jake from Consafe Logistics


As young professionals, what were your top priorities when choosing an employer?  

Jake: I was looking for a job where I am valued professionally but where I feel the people behind the roles matter, too. I wanted to be in a workplace where I am challenged and supported and can have fun along the way.  

Johan: I like challenges and a variety of tasks. During one of my interviews, I asked what a typical day for an application consultant looks like. They said it was hard to describe, as no two days are alike. That spiked my curiosity even more! 😊  


Can you share a specific experience or opportunity that has significantly impacted your career development within the organization?   

Jake: I can have an honest conversation about my career with my manager. If I want to be challenged and take on bigger, more complex tasks, they are given to me. At the same time, I know that the team fully supports me, and I have two mentors I can turn to for guidance. The open, friendly company culture greatly adds to my development. One of our core behaviors says, “Together we get there.” People really do behave that way.  

Johan: It is easy to turn to colleagues for advice or to discuss ideas. Also, I have the freedom to express my needs, which are respected. For example, I shared with my manager about a year ago that I would like to take on a new role with a broader field of view. We discussed that project management would be a good fit, and my training for this transition began. My manager invited me to various new meetings, introduced me to new people, and I joined our internal High Potential Program. The first module of this program was about leadership and personal development. I think it was the most valuable education I’ve had in my entire life! After this structured preparation, I was promoted to Project Manager in April 2023. I am very grateful for the whole process and the time invested in my development for this new role.  


What advice would you give other young professionals at the beginning of their career journey?    

Johan: In my experience, many of us listen to other people’s preferences instead of our own when choosing a job. My advice would be to find what motivates you and search for a career in that field. Also, prioritize people before tasks because that will make tasks more fun.   

Jake: I would add to these to think long-term and never stop learning. Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges and seek mentorship from senior colleagues because that’s how you will grow.  And last but not least, maintain a work-life balance. As young professionals, it’s natural that we want to advance as fast as we can, but we need time to adjust to changes, which should also be considered.  


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