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Interview with Jens Hellström, Robin Lofthus, Philip Blomgren and Marcus Lindén

Each career path is a unique journey, complete with its twists and turns. Occasionally, these paths lead back to their origins, much like boomerangs returning to a cherished spot. This was the case for Jens, Robin, Philip, and Marcus – four colleagues who decided to rejoin Consafe Logistics. 

But what inspired them to return? And what valuable experiences did they gain during their time away? From surprising revelations to the power of company culture, their stories reflect the enduring connection they share with our community. Explore the details in the interview below. 

4 returning Consafe Logistics employees looking at each other and smilesFrom left to right: Jens, Robin, Marcus, and Philip

  • Marcus is a Solution Consultant. He worked at Consafe Logistics for the first time between 2016 and 2022. He returned to the company in the summer of 2023. 
  • Jens is a Technical Responsible who had spent almost 16 years at Consafe Logistics before leaving in 2022. He returned during the summer of 2023. 
  • Robin is a Solution Consultant. He worked at Consafe Logistics from 2016 to 2019, then returned to the company in 2023. 
  • Philip is a Solution Responsible who joined Consafe Logistics for the first time in 2013 as an Application Consultant. He left in September 2022 and returned in June 2023. 


Why did you decide to return? 

Marcus: I had tried two other places during my time away but found them lacking in opportunities and structure. Then, my old manager from Consafe Logistics called me at just the right moment. She told me about some fundamental changes in career development possibilities, which I liked. Also, rejoining the company meant working with familiar faces, and customers were asking for me – that felt really nice. 

Jens: Timing played a significant role for me as well. I had been a consultant at two different agencies, and I was already considering a return to a product company. So, when an old colleague asked me to go back to Consafe Logistics, I took the opportunity. 

Robin: I was away for four years, working at two different companies. I was an IT manager for one of them. During that period, they were moving their warehouse from Växjö to Gothenburg. We needed to set up a new ERP system, WMS, and IT infrastructure, along with an automation solution in the new location. It was a very fun project, and I realized how much I liked working with warehouse and IT combined together. Later on, I would have some conversations with people from Consafe Logistics. When I felt ready, I reached out to them, and that’s how I came back. 

Philip: During my time away, I missed many things: the Consafe Logistics family, the fantastic culture in the company, as well as my colleagues and customers. 

Jens: Speaking of missing things, I really missed the sense that everyone at the company is working toward the same goal, regardless of their role. It's a feeling of unity and purpose that I missed, and I'm glad to have it back. 

Robin: I feel the same way as Jens does. Also, the colleagues at Consafe Logistics are very nice people. They are always ready to help, even when it's not their regular work time. They pick up the phone and assist you. It's unlike anywhere else I've been. Plus, the company now has a good remote work policy. Coming back felt much better than I thought. 

Marcus: I agree with Robin. It's the combination of people and the spirit of helping each other. In the IT world post-COVID, people want to be in the office, but I can also choose to stay home for some days. I appreciate this flexibility. To me, the mix of being serious about the work and, at the same time, having a fun atmosphere is also important, and I think it sets Consafe Logistics apart. 


How did your experiences and skills gained during your time away from the company contribute to your professional growth and development? 

Marcus: During my time away, I worked with an ERP system. It gave me deeper insights into this world. I have more confidence in my expertise now, which has also improved my communication with customers who use the same ERP system. 

Jens: When I left, I thought my skills and knowledge were outdated. However, working elsewhere, I realized that the comprehensive knowledge I gained at Consafe Logistics enabled me to adapt quickly to modern development environments. I feel more confident and at ease today.  

Robin: I had the opportunity to explore various warehouse management systems and learned about different approaches to projects. I also sharpened my networking and coding skills. My time away broadened my knowledge, particularly in how standard procedures are handled at other companies compared to Consafe Logistics. 

Philip: Seeing things from the "other side" provided valuable insights. We do many things well, but there's always room for growth. Personally, it was a time of significant self-reflection and seeing better what is really important in life. 


From your perspective, how does the company benefit from hiring "boomerang" employees, and how does it compare to hiring entirely new talent? 

Philip: Both new talent and boomerangs are important. New employees bring fresh ideas and energy, while boomerangs bring their added experience.  

Marcus: Exactly. Boomerangs bring back their knowledge, particularly in mastering our WMS software. They already understand the product. 

Jens: Returning employees need a shorter onboarding process. They know not only the product but also how the company operates. It also fosters a sense of stability and continuity. 

Robin: I also think boomerangs send a strong message that Consafe Logistics is a place where people want to return, so, in a way, they validate the choices of new employees.  

Marcus: I believe it's natural that you want to explore new opportunities from time to time. Especially in our industry, where new possibilities are constantly emerging, you can easily get contacted via LinkedIn, etc. But when you return, you do so with the knowledge of what to expect. It's a comforting feeling both for the boomerang and the company as well. 


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