The new automated Intersport DC in Nässjö, Sweden is powered by Astro WMS® software and runs Autostore, an automatic storage and retrieval system. Despite an ambitious time plan, the warehouse came online in record time and now handles up to 100 order lines per hour. Thanks to previous collaboration between Element Logic and Consafe Logistics, integration risks were minimized and the project was seamlessly delivered according to plan.

Bringing back control

Previously, Intersport had used a 3PL solution to deliver its goods to shops. But with a 58% rise in ecommerce deliveries and a huge growth in individual transactions, the company decided to take back control and open a central warehouse in Nässjö to handle both store deliveries and ecommerce. Its goals were to improve speed to customers, increase picking efficiency and reduce handling costs.

The decision was strategically important for Intersport. With sales of more than 6 Billion SEK per year, their way to keep a competitive advantage is to offer customers fast, reliable deliveries in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Intersport chose AutoStore from Element Logic for physical automation and Astro WMS® as the software to run the warehouse from Consafe Logistics, as the two companies had a history of working well together.

We have worked with Consafe Logistics on several projects in the Nordics, where automation is now a prioritized area. Together we can quickly help companies change to automated systems to give them a strategic competitive advantage. The current automated system is 3 x more efficient than manual handling.
Terje Skjolberg, Sales Manager Element Logic

Avoiding double warehouses

Intersport decided on a cutover – moving the complete warehouse in one go rather than working from two warehouses. As of 14th January 2018, the 24,400 square meter Nässjö distribution centre was connected to the ERP system and the first orders shipped the same day. The new DC handles all shop deliveries as well as ecommerce. Intersport has achieved its goal of delivering 100 order lines in an hour.

We now have a greater opportunity to follow our customers throughout the value chain and get a greater understanding of what they want. Our eventual goal is to deliver goods to our
customers just two hours after receiving their order.
Tomas Paepke, Supply Chain Manager, Intersport AB

Easy to adapt to growth

One of the major factors in choosing the solution was ease of adding extra capacity. Intersport can easily increase storage and transaction capacity whenever they need it as the system scales easily to any growth, expected or unexpected.

Ecommerce sales have increased by 58%, which is a huge number of transactions. There is a big difference too between shop and ecommerce orders. Picking and packing with AutoStore and Astro WMS® is important for increasing efficiency.
Tomas Paepke, Supply Chain Manager, Intersport AB

Intersport GmbH is an international sporting goods retailer based in Bern, Switzerland. Its purchasing division is IIC-Intersport International Corporation.
It has presence in 5800 locations and in 65 countries.

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Element Logic has since 1985 focused on optimizing warehouse performance, specialized within process management with WMS (Warehouse Management System) and AutoStore®, the unique automated storage and retrieval system for handling of small/medium sizes goods. Our focus on efficient goods flow, high productivity and optimal space utilization makes our customers more profitable. We are specialized with high knowledge and experience within businesses and branches that have high requirements to picking efficiency and precision and experience the importance of space utilization. Small and medium sized goods, such as e.g electronics, car parts, sport & textile, handled in E-commerce, distribution, production, are some of the areas and businesses that we have proven more profit for our customers. Element Logic is represented in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany.

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