“In early February this year, Løvenskiold Logistikk switched from a 2-shift system to a 1-shift system. Astro WMS from Consafe Logistics has provided us with important assistance, helping us to streamline picking procedures by 15% and making this change possible,” says operations manager Tony Edmundsson. The upgrade to a new version took place in 2016.

Without the consultancy team at Consafe Logistics and our own staff, we would have had problems with implementing all the streamlining measures,” says Edmundsson. He states that Løvenskiold Logistikk has been using Astro WMS since 2004. “The system has improved our stock procedures and saved all the hassle and annoyance of our manual picking procedures. Automated stock processes and real-time information give us control over our product range. This will make us more competitive and place us in a better position for future growth,” he indicates.

Astro WMS has improved our stock procedures and saved on the hassle and annoyance of our manual picking procedures,” says operations manager Tony Edmundsson at Løvenskiold Logistikk

Modern logistics centre

Løvenskiold Logistikk is a modern logistics centre using advanced stock control and information technology to streamline its customers’ lives. The company stocks around 10,000 items from 200 suppliers. The central warehouse in Fossum, Bærum is the most efficient logistics centre in the industry. It is 21,000 sq m. in area and serves more than 400 customers all over the country, offering outstanding levels of service. Løvenskiold Logistikk is part of Løvenskiold Handel, which serves all Maxbo stores. The company also has partnership agreements with other chains and independent customers.

Shift work reduces quality of life

On 1 February, Løvenskiold Logistikk switched from a 2-shift system to a 1-shift system. “We have been running a 2-shift system from 6am to 11pm for the past 15 years. Our operating hours have now been reduced and run from 6am to 6pm instead. We have already noticed how our warehouse operators have more energy when they come to work now that they no longer have to work shifts. Our aim is to reduce sick leave and meet statutory HSE requirements,” says Edmundsson. “In Greater Oslo, the lead time from ordering items until they appear on shelves in Maxbo stores is eight hours, ensuring that they never run out of goods.

15 per cent less time spent on picking

Our partnership with the consultants at Consafe Logistics is crucial for projects of this kind. We faced several problems during the project design phase, and we wanted to resolve these. We held regular meetings where we debated different subjects. We wanted to improve stock flows, change layouts and work out how to overcome time-wasting tasks. We divided goods into A, B, C and D items. One important measure involved moving A and B items to an area 40 per cent smaller where we were still able to pick 80 per cent of our total goods flow. These measures have reduced distances driven at the warehouse and reduced picking times by 15 per cent.

Reduced training time

Astro WMS O2 has helped us to reduce the need for part-time staff, while reducing the amount of time needed for system training from 2 days to 4 hours. This has saved us lots of time and resources, while considerably improving the quality of outgoing goods compared with previously.

Our partnership with the consultants at Consafe Logistics is crucial for projects of this kind,” says operations manager Tony Edmundsson at Løvenskiold Logistikk

Return on investment for the WMS system

When asked how much was invested in the latest version of Astro WMS, Edmundsson had this to say. “We invested around NOK 500,000, which included ABCD classification of goods into different warehouse zones, housing our server park, streamlining picking processes and unloading. We saw a return on our investment in just six months.

Tony Edmundsson , Operations Manager at Løvenskiold Logistikk

Launching new analysis tool

Using Astro WMS as a built-in analysis tool is an ideal way to meet the needs of Løvenskiold Logistikk according to Edmundsson. “I created an Excel spreadsheet that we linked to Astro WMS, where we record all picking movements and picking percentages in each location. We have to know how many times our forklift operators enter each location and the extent of traffic at all times. We also need to be absolutely certain of where all items are located,” he points out.

Consafe Logistics will be launching an extended version of the analysis tool in Astro WMS in 2017. “Astro WMS is a standard product, and two new versions are issued every year,” says Ali Zeybek, sales manager at Consafe Logistics. The latest version comes with a module called “slotting” which significantly facilitates ABC classification. He explains how good ideas and input from customers often become part of the standard product. “Some of our experiences from the Løvenskiold project are now being incorporated in the new version.

OpView measures movement speeds

OpView is a new Consafe Logistics product that displays real-time data in Astro WMS in a simpler way that is easier to understand. Astro WMS uses enormous information volumes. Many warehouse operators find it difficult to extract the right information, so we are performing these operations for them now. Serial display, for example, gives us a complete overview of queues and assignments and allows us to make corrections in a very short time,” says Edmundsson. He adds that Løvenskiold Logistikk has been running OpView for a year. “The potential for extracting data from various databases such as WMS, and the ERP procurement system is enormous, and gives us the opportunity to make correct decisions more quickly than was previously the case.

Ownership of the solution design

The expertise and experience of Consafe Logistics are important when it comes to projects of this kind,” says Edmundsson. “Both parties are involved in system design ownership.

Zeybek tells us that Edmundsson was one of the initiators of a modern, contemporary stock management system that is now beginning to pay off for Løvenskiold Logistikk. “I am particularly impressed by the fact that they have managed to switch from a 2-shift system to a 1-shift system without impacting on production.

Driver time management

How have things changed for carriers who collect goods from you every day?
With our old 2-shift system, goods were collected later at night. Now there is far greater pressure on the terminal slots, which requires better driver time management and tighter slot times for goods collection. We are now using the system to verify that we receive the right consignments on the right trucks by scanning consignments while they are still on board.

Overcoming time-wasting tasks

Løvenskiold Logistikk is working actively to overcome time-wasting tasks and use its ICT tool more effectively. They have configured and tested the stock management system together with us. We depend on customers who take the initiative when it comes to development and implementation. I am impressed by what they have achieved to date,” says Zeybek.

Systems and process control

I depend on consultants with good system and process control. Consafe Logistics has an operational understanding of logistics when it comes to what we call ‘fast moving goods’. This understanding makes it easier to capture synergies in the system. Our supplier has done an outstanding job in this regard so far,” concludes Edmundsson.

Head image: Operations Manager Tony Edmundsson at Løvenskiold Logistikk, pictured here with Ali Zeybek, Sales Manager at Consafe Logistics.