Consafe Logistics and Xcelgo enters into a long-term partnership to take Consafe Logistics’ warehouse management solution to the next level through detailed visualisations and ‘Digital Twins’.

Warehouse management systems exist to make logistics businesses more efficient through sophisticated automation. To increase the efficiency of their already innovative systems Astro WMS® and Astro WCS, Consafe Logistics join forces with Xcelgo to create detailed ‘Digital Twins’ of their solutions to use for visualisations and realistic testing.

Xcelgo provides a software platform designed to model detailed 3D ‘Digital Twins’ of automation systems. For Consafe Logistics, this functionality will enable them to fully simulate and visualize automated processes for customers, so customers can see the potential benefits and work proactively to optimize the efficiency gains.

“We’re confident that together with Xcelgo, we can offer customers increased efficiency through this advanced visualisation,” says Patrik Olsson, CPO at Consafe Logistics. “We’re excited to see what the future of this partnership holds, and we are confident that we’ll be able to continually improve and optimise warehouse solutions for clients all over the world.”

The partnership will benefit Consafe Logistics and Xcelgo, but most of all, it will benefit customers. In the short term, they will benefit from a more holistic overview of their operations, where they will be able to identify parameters to optimize to improve performance. In the long term, they will reap the rewards of a further developed cooperation between the two innovative technology companies, and things like improved error searching and enhanced transparency will make a real difference on the bottom line of customers.

“Being able to create a digital copy of your warehouse will be a fantastic asset for our customers. In the near future, we can offer visualisation, simulation and emulation with real time data from Astro WMS® and/or Astro WCS, so we can easily see how something is performing” continues Patrik Olsson, CPO at Consafe Logistics.

“Consafe Logistics is a great business partner, and we’re excited for future collaborations,” says Bent Aksel Jørgensen, CEO of Xcelgo. “Our two companies are a great fit, and the agreement shows that Consafe Logistics has an eye for innovation, and is open to develop, test and implement modern technology and solutions. Its Astro WMS® solution is an innovative, modern platform, and is one created for new technologies like our own Digital Twins.”


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