Using Astro WMS® as the driver in their automation process, Nordic distributor of installation products Ahlsell now processes more than 60,000 order lines per day with increased speed and efficiency while substantially decreasing returns and improving cost control.

One system, one process, one Astro WMS®.

Ahlsell was looking for a tailor-made solution which would assist them in the transition from manual to automated processes and allow them to build a system which followed their rules, make automation work in existing structures and keep warehouse processes within Ahlsell.

Astro WMS® has provided the flexibility to make this work and today all Ahlsell’s main warehouses use Astro WMS®.

We process around 60,000 order lines a day that come in between 13.00 and 16.00” says Tomas Blomberg, Business Developer at Ahlsell. “Every day is unique. We never know in advance what the orders will look like but the reality is that all items have to be packed and ready to leave the warehouse by 17.00”.

Speed and accuracy the key
Tomas says using Astro WMS® has led to increased speed and efficiency with the number of returns substantially decreased.

Since introducing Astro WMS®, Ahlsell has reduced claims from 0.85% to 0.35%. With the tremendous volumes shipped per day this has made an enormous difference to Ahlsell.

We get a lot of late orders coming in from many different channels and constantly sharpen our warehouse processes to ensure maximum speed and accuracy in packing and distribution.’’

Improving cost control is another area where Ahlsell see Astro WMS® as a major advantage.

The transition from manual to automated processes means that costs that were previously hidden become transparent and we can deal with it, impacting positively on our bottom line,’’ says Tomas Blomberg.

Time-saving, accurate, flexible and user-friendly – it’s as close to a complete solution as you can get.
Tomas Blomberg, Business Developer at Ahlsell

Customer satisfaction: Gift wrapped
Customer satisfaction and efficient delivery to the right location at the right time is a must. “But right on time is not enough anymore’,’ comments Tomas. “These days, customers want it gift-wrapped … and with a bow on it!’’

He explains that customers want to see increased time-saving and efficiency at the workplace and this means Ahlsell has to re-think its packing processes.

Let’s say a major building company has ordered 20 complete bathrooms for a new apartment block. If we pack all 20 toilets in one crate it means that someone has to carry them to 20 different flats. Obviously it’s much easier if we deliver a complete kit for each bathroom. Doing this manually would take forever so we rely on Astro WMS® to support the whole process of kitting this new kind of order.’’ says Tomas.

Astro WMS®. Accurate. User-friendly. Time saving
Astro WMS® has already proved itself in many areas but Ahlsell are confident that it will aid them as they develop new customers and increase sales. “Not only do we want to fulfil customer demands, we want to offer them solutions that makes life easier”.

Tomas explains that many employers order their work gear from Ahlsell. But the company wants to develop the web shop to allow employees to can log in and order their own clothes instead of having to go through someone else, cutting down on administration and waiting times.

Time-saving, accurate, flexible and user-friendly – it’s as close to a complete solution as you can get” says Tomas. That’s why Ahlsell are building their automated processes with Astro WMS® in the centre.


About Ahlsell
With 200 outlets and almost 5,000 employees and annual sales of 23 Billion SEK (€2.4 Billion), Ahlsell is a major Nordic distributor of installation products, tools and supplies to professional users and the public sector.